3 Reasons Why You Need to Work on Your Résumé


This is part of a series on résumé writing in anticipation of my résumé writing eBook which will be available on June 12, 2012. I have been spending most of my spare time authoring a book on résumé writing because, prior to that, I was spending a couple hours each day rewriting other people’s résumés […]

Check out Aryanz Herbal


I came across an interesting Ayurveda website while I was checking on some of the newest conversations on the Holistic Health and Wellness group I’m a member of on LinkedIn. In case you don’t know, LinkedIn is a social networking website for professional of all types. I’ve gotten a lot of good information on Ayurveda […]

The Power of Deep Breathing

Imagine clean air and water

I took a break from blogging about jobs in Ayurveda last week to work on a resume writing eBook. I’m also going to post a series on resume writing on this blog in the next few weeks. Yesterday, I called my mom for Mother’s Day. “Happy Mother’s Day mom! What’s up? How are you doing?” […]

Ayurveda is the Foundation of Holistic Healing


An old Ayurvedic saying goes something like this: “If your diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. If your diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” I thought of this saying this weekend when I took my young son to the local zoo. In our wanderings throughout the zoological gardens, we came across […]

“I helped other people”: THE Hidden Job Search Secret

Help yourself to a drink in the Tower of London

“They still laid me off even after all the great work I did for them.” My former co-worker (and friend) was crying even though she was trying to stay strong. It was sad for me to see. She implored me, “I’ve got a mortgage, a car payment. I take care of my granddaughter. What am […]

Uncle Sam Wants your Information

Yosemite Valley in fall

“Thanks for your email, sir. I would appreciate you helping me sell Ayurvedic medicines in the United States.” This was a response to an email I wrote to a doctor at an Ayurvedic medicine company about a month ago. So far, I haven’t been able to help him. When I started this website, I decided […]

End to the Costco cut-in-line story

Pills, glorious pills

For those of you that followed my comment on YoungPrePro, here’s the end of the story (it’s true too by the way). I told him, “you’re lucky I did my yoga and meditation this morning otherwise I’d do something that I might regret.” I was serious. I looked him straight in the eye, searching for […]

Yoga above the clouds

Across the Emmons Glacier towards Camp Muir, Mt. Rainer, Washington

I thought I’d post this section of the conclusion from the ebook I wrote this weekend on my 15-minute yoga routine. It gives you an insight on how much I believe in holistic healing and alternative medicine techniques. I’ll post the ebook later this week after its been edited by a couple of experts. In […]

Secrets of Networking for Jobs in Ayurveda­ Part VI: Where the Rubber Hits the Road, or, Putting it All Together

Archaeology in Virginia

This is part of an ongoing mini-series in Networking for Jobs in Ayurveda Some people think networking is an excruciating task that forces you to kiss up to high-level supervisors and business-owners with the hope that they’ll give you a job. I used to be one of those people. When I first started in my […]

Which holistic healing schools are the best?

Woodland Park, Seattle

Today I was on one of the Linked In groups I follow and I realized what a huge and influential group I was a part of. For those of you that don’t know, Linked In is a social networking website for professionals. It advertises itself as “the world’s largest network” and if you haven’t signed […]

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