Creative Visualization for Job Seekers Slideshare


Recently, I was telling a co-worker about my post last week on creative visualization for Ayurveda job seekers. He was interested. After listening to my hints, he finally said to me, “It’s great that you wrote an article for people working in Ayurveda, but what about folks in our job field? I know a bunch […]

Ayurveda Diet Information is Going Mainstream

Sunrise through the Storm

People looking for jobs in Ayurveda or those of you out there that are already Ayurvedic medicine practitioners should be happy to see that Ayurveda is getting some mainstream coverage these days. I came across this article written by Victoria Meyers on the Boston Examiner website that does a pretty good job of explaining the […]

Creative Visualization Technique to Help You Manifest an Ayurveda Job

Beneath the Banyan Tree

When I stop to think about it, I’ve been doing creative visualization for most of my life but I never knew that’s what it was. We all have roundabout stories of how we entered the job field we ultimately work in. For people that want to land those hard-to-get jobs in Ayurveda, I’ll tell you […]

The Mythology of Science-Based/Western Medicine

I know Western medicine can be useful in certain situations (ex. in cases of life and death, extreme trauma), but this interesting article just goes to show that Western medicine has less “proof” than most alternative healing systems. Ayurveda has been around for thousands of years. Western medicine has been around for less than 200. […]

Ayurveda Job Résumé Writing Tips: Quality Headers and Footers

Stand apart from the crowd with a quality resume

This is part of an ongoing series on résumé  writing for Ayurveda and alternative medicine professionals: Let’s face it, most hiring managers, spa owners, and other people that hire folks trained in Ayurveda probably don’t have much time to read your entire résumé . They are extremely busy and, despite the fact that you will […]

Ayurveda Diet Tips: Ayurvedic Body Types

Proper diet helps energy flow like a waterfall

This is part of an ongoing series that outlines the dietary tips used by Ayurvedic professionals to help us prevent disease. Have you ever wondered why some people respond well to Western medical practices like chemotherapy while those same practices don’t seem to help other patients at all? Or, why some people seem to be […]

Using Yoga to Balance Your Life

East shore Kauai, Hawaii at dawn

It was as if I was living in a dream. There I was, standing on a grassy yard overlooking a rocky beach Hawaii. Cool morning air caressed my body as I did a simple series of yoga poses (many of which are in my 15-Minute Yoga Regimen eBook). Fresh, ocean air deeply entered my lungs […]

Ayurvedic Medicine in Tucson

A desert oasis park in Tucson

Sometimes I have to give a shout out to a local Ayurveda company. These folks have created prosperous, secure Ayurveda jobs for themselves. I’ve heard nothing but excellent reviews about the Tucson Ayurveda and Wellness Center. They conduct a wide range of Ayurvedic therapies in a comfortable and intimate environment. The company has been successful […]

The Importance of Keywords in your Résumé

Use keywords to help your resume be seen

I have been helping folks remodel their résumés for years now. Most of these documents had the correct information, but it was not optimized for the jobs they were applying for. The following is a section of my upcoming book on résumé writing that can help anyone trying to get an Ayurveda job. Keywords are Key […]

Become a T-Person

Spread your branches and always strive to learn more

I’m the guardian of my soon-to-be 16-year-old sister. She’s entering her junior year in high school and we were recently chatting about her plans after graduation. I think college is one of her best options, but college isn’t for everyone. While she’s definitely smart enough for college, smart people don’t always excel in college for […]

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